Culinary Tours


We invite you to join the glutton side of the Tuscanex community in eating and drinking good and slow for a total well-being.

The program includes delicious experiences taking you right inside the gourmet story of each Tuscany destination you visit, in contact with local producers and artisans of our traditional, world famous food and wine. There are daily activities like cooking classes and wine tours all over Tuscany, active tasting experiences with your feet into the producer’s, hunter’s, fisherman’s shoes, organic & holistic tours enjoying healthy meals in pristine nature lead by a personal coach.
To focus on culinary, book our special tour package on a 4-day base the Cooking master class or the Culinary holiday. on a  week base for a complete exploration of the Tuscan gourmet destinations
  • Ciao! We are planning a trip to Italy in September and were wondering what your availability is like between September 18-23 for a tour around Tuscany

    Elisabeth, Some Link
  • Hi, Sorry for delay in replying, but we were not sure we could make the tour on the requested date still today, cause we realaborated the tour schedu

    admin, Some Link
  • Hello, I am interested in the wine and walking tour posted above but will only be in San Gimignano on Tues and Wed. Is it offered on these days?

    Pia D., Some Link
  • Thank you and Happy New Year Kristin!!! Thanks a lot for your feedback, and Bonnie's blog spot was just great with so many beautiful pictures too.

    admin, Some Link
  • Thank you and Happy New Year Bonnie!!! The blog spot is just great and I have immediately used one of your wonderful pictures .... don't you mind??

    admin, Some Link


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