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What makes Italy so unique is that on a relatively small peninsula, you can experience 20 completely different micro-countries, each one with its own distinct history, food, wine and culture. Our cooking class program is the first enjoyable, delicious chapter of the Culinary Story in Tuscany. Local chefs and cooks are surely the most persuasive storytellers, trusty keepers of the numerous typical recipes handed down by generations as well as creators of the new trends of the taste. The story protagonist is a rich complex of natural ingredients grown and produced right on site. Legumes, cereals, olives and grapes grown since the Etruscan time, and new food, new seeds and plants brought by foreign conquerors along the centuries, composing the magical mix of the Mediterranean Diet. Some food preparations are real stars, so popular on everyone’s table all over the world. Now, I am so sorry to give you this bad new, but most of the times, what you eat in your country is a tasteless fake. If you, your friends, your kids, go mad for Pizza, Gelato and Pasta, don’t miss our classes strategically located throughout Tuscany. Immersed in sceneries of incredible beauty, connect with places and people, learn from local masters of cuisine going to authentic regional specialties. Devote a full-day to your culinary experience, visit food markets, enjoy select wine tasting experience and visit places of importance. Our local experts, like your local friend, will create an unforgettable personal culinary itinerary. 

Focus your long stay vacation on culinary, see our Cooking Master Class of 4  Day .
  • Ciao! We are planning a trip to Italy in September and were wondering what your availability is like between September 18-23 for a tour around Tuscany

    Elisabeth, Some Link
  • Hi, Sorry for delay in replying, but we were not sure we could make the tour on the requested date still today, cause we realaborated the tour schedu

    admin, Some Link
  • Hello, I am interested in the wine and walking tour posted above but will only be in San Gimignano on Tues and Wed. Is it offered on these days?

    Pia D., Some Link
  • Thank you and Happy New Year Kristin!!! Thanks a lot for your feedback, and Bonnie's blog spot was just great with so many beautiful pictures too.

    admin, Some Link
  • Thank you and Happy New Year Bonnie!!! The blog spot is just great and I have immediately used one of your wonderful pictures .... don't you mind??

    admin, Some Link


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