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Whenever you come to Tuscany, you can feel a true connection with the places you visit and those residential people rich in life stories and expert in professional knowledge. You can join the fundamental activities of production, extraction, picking, hunting, exciting experiences of our third chapter in our Tuscany Culinary Story.

Our sea, woodlands and fi elds harmonically merge in the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, the natural environment you fall in love with is the result of years of dedication and work. The rural producers, hunters, fi shermen are not only the most passionate faithful guardians of our culinary culture and tradition, they are the innovative hands and minds for new models of work and lifestyle, playing a very difficult role and making business preserving the environment from fatal wasting. We are always in close contact with these local actors, keeping us updated on their working previsions, trends of the season for a full appreciation of their different activities we can join at the right time.

So we walk in the woods with the truffl e hunter and his dog, we assist the wine maker in his works and take part to the grape harvest in fall, we spend half a day on the fi shermen boat or by his hut in summertime, we help the farmers picking the saffron fl owers at the end of October, and the olives for the Evo production in November. The gran fi nale of each experience is a delicious convivial meal or tasting, unmissable happy-end to meditate on fl avors and fully appreciate the outcome of a work in total harmony with nature.


Focus on Wine and Food week and our Cooking Master 4-day program journey.
  • Ciao! We are planning a trip to Italy in September and were wondering what your availability is like between September 18-23 for a tour around Tuscany

    Elisabeth, Some Link
  • Hi, Sorry for delay in replying, but we were not sure we could make the tour on the requested date still today, cause we realaborated the tour schedu

    admin, Some Link
  • Hello, I am interested in the wine and walking tour posted above but will only be in San Gimignano on Tues and Wed. Is it offered on these days?

    Pia D., Some Link
  • Thank you and Happy New Year Kristin!!! Thanks a lot for your feedback, and Bonnie's blog spot was just great with so many beautiful pictures too.

    admin, Some Link
  • Thank you and Happy New Year Bonnie!!! The blog spot is just great and I have immediately used one of your wonderful pictures .... don't you mind??

    admin, Some Link


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