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  • Thank you and Happy New Year Kristin!!! Thanks a lot for your feedback, and Bonnie's blog spot was just great with so many beautiful pictures too.

    admin, Some Link
  • Thank you and Happy New Year Bonnie!!! The blog spot is just great and I have immediately used one of your wonderful pictures .... don't you mind??

    admin, Some Link
  • We are ready to go back already!!! What a wonderful day spent with the best tour guide around! Claudia made us feel like family and we hated to end

    Kristin Haag, Some Link
  • Thanks for the great memories Claudia. I wrote a little blog post of my own about how much we enjoyed our time spent with you. Thanks for the memorie

    Bonnie Breckenridge, Some Link
  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful and memorable day! We loved every minute of it and we learned so much more about wine!

    Rizzy, Some Link


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